Texarkana Baby

She’s my Texarkana Baby do I lover her Lawdy Law
Her pappy came from Texas and her maw from Arkansaw. 

I’m twisted round her finger like  a little piece of string
And yet I’m satisfied because she’s such a precious thing
If she hauled off and slapped me I would never feel the sting
She my Texarkana Baby. 

She’s pretty as a picture and you ought to hear her name
It’s sweet as sorghum syrup and good ol’ Blue Ribbon cane
She gives me lots of sugar and she never spills a grain
She’s my Texarkana Baby. 

One night I went a callin’ on my pretty little maid
I must admit to you I was a little bit afraid
To offer her a diamond ring with one installment paid
She’s my Texarkana Baby.