Smoke on the Water

Words and Music by Earl Nunn & Zeke Clements 

There will be a sad day coming for the foes of all mankind
They must answer to the people and it’s trouble their mind.
Ev’rybody who must fear them will rejoice on that day
When the powers of dictators shall be taken all away 

There’s be smoke on the water, on the land and the sea
When our army and navy overtakes the enemy.
There’ll be smoke on the mountains where the heathen gods stay
And the sun that is rising will go down on that day. 

For there is a great destroyer made of fire and flesh and steel
Rolling towards the foes of freedom, they’ll go down beneath it’s wheels.
There’ll be nothing left but vultures to inhabit all the land
When our modern ships and bombers make a graveyard of Japan. 

Whether Hitler’s dead or living, he no longer can command
Mussolini failed his people and he died by their own hands.
Hirohito’s day is coming, he can never stand the test
Hari Kari is the answer he must down with the rest. 

Now the doughboys and the allies stand tonight right in Berlin
With God’s help they’ve prov’dsuperior right has triumphed over sin.
Now that Hitler’s pow’r is ended let us join in hand in hand
With that same old fighting spirit, we’ll march right into Japan.