I’m Gonna Be Boss

The worst thing I did was when I married you,
You’re givin’ me a bad time and you won’t be true.
Better heed my warnin’ woman, this can’t go on,
I’m Gonna Be Boss from Now on. 
If you ever told the truth you would apologize
I know that you’ve been callin’ up other guys.
Shut your big mouth and get away from that phone,
I’m Gonna Be Boss From Now On. 

You’re half lazy and the other half mean,
You never make the bed and kitchen ain’t clean.
Make up that bed woman get in that kitchen where you belong,
I’m Gonna Be Boss from Now On.
I can’t love you woman, ‘cause your heart ain’t clean,
You’re the trifl’nest woman that I’ve ever seen.
Your time’s up baby and you’d better get gone,
I’m Gonna Be Boss from Now On.