Home in San Antone

I was born in Texas 'neath a sky of blue
That's where my ancestors lived and died.
Maine or California may look good to you
But Texas always keeps me satisfied.

Haven't got a worry, haven't got a care
Haven't got a thing to call my own.
Tho' I'm out of money I'm a millionaire
I still have my home in San Antone.
When I greet my neighbor with a howdy all
I'm wealthy as a king upon a throne.
You can have your mansion or a cottage small
I'll just take my home in San Antone.

Traveled o'er the country on my merry way
Been in crowds and felt I was alone.
When I feel like bragging I just up and say,
I'm a native son of San Antone.
There's a sweet somebody by the Alamo
Someday she's gonna be my very own.
Then we'll get a high-chair, in a year or so
For our little home in San Antone