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Lyrics and Sheet Music

Big Rock in the Road
Blues for Dixie
Bubbles in my Beer
Closed for Repairs
Little Cowboy Lullaby
Deep Water
You Don't Care What Happens to Me
Faded Love
How Can It Be Wrong
I'm Gonna Be Boss
The Kind of Love
I Can't Forget
New Spanish Two-Step
No Letter Today
Roly Poly
Rose of Ol' Pawnee
San Antonio Rose
Silver Dew on the
Blue Grass Tonight
Smoke on the Water
I'll Have Somebody Else
Faded Love
Staccato Waltz
Stars and Stripes on
Iwo Jima
Sugar Moon
A Sweet Kind of Love
Texarkana Baby
You're There
Home in San Antone
Hubbin' It
Keeper Of My Heart
New Texas Playboy Rag
My Confession
Thorn In My Heart
This Is Southland
Spanish Fandango
You're From Texas
Whose Heart Are
You Breakin' Now?
Trouble In Mind